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New Jersey

Pink Cadillac Escalade

Limousine Description

In the New Jersey and NY market, this limousine has become one of the most popular and luxury choices in the
rental industry. Bergen Limo because of the high demand and popularity has made available 3 different colors of
stretch Limousine to choose from – white, black & the latest arrival – Pink Cadillac Escalade.
This outstanding limousine combines its uniqueness and style with affordable pricing for various events. The
Friday and Sunday packages are available with special offers. The exquisite internal design of this vehicle
leavess nothing to be desired as you move to your destination in style. The overall appearance of this limousine
is made complete by its outstanding color; without a doubt the difference of the prestigious Pink Cadillac
Escalade limo is obvious as you indulge in its quality and style.



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Limousine Specifications

  • Year model: 2012
  • Seating capacity max.: 18
  • Luggage Space for Coolers/Bottle Storage: Yes
  • Exterior Color: Pink
  • Interior Color: Black

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