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Wallington Limousine is a livery service founded on three principles: service, class and respect. We strive to provide a limousine service you deserve. Whether you acquire our limousine services for a wedding in New Jersey or just a night out in New York City to celebrate a special occasion, our goal is to treat you the way you should expect.

Established in 1997 for clients seeking transportation to the airport, corporate meetings, weddings, proms, or any special occasion, Wallington Limousine can make the task of transportation easy and enjoyable. From the cool and confident corporate executive to a nervous bride to a group of close friends, we treat each client like members of the royal court with prompt, courteous service, lavish limo features, and reliable transportation. Our company has earned the confidence of our clients with meeting their needs by anticipating them.
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Only our company offers a superior level of service; clean cars, courteous chauffeurs, and on time pickups. We are all about service not just profits and we are dedicated to the welfare and safety of our customers, chauffeurs and employees. We recognize that your impression of us begins with your reservation contact and ends with our chauffer and our company is proud to offer our clients brand new vehicles that come with the most professional chauffuer's, at affordable and competitive rates.


EWR airp.- $49               Note: the price doesnít include the tolls, tip and tax (on  LAG airp.-  $69  NJ rides only)                                                                      
JFK airp.-   $ 89
NYC-         $ 59

Our motto is "On Time Every Time" and we stand true and strong to that. If you are looking for the best in the business, you have found that at Wallington Limousine. We assist you in selecting the right vehicle based on your personal preference, the number of guests in your party and type of occasion. No matter what your requirements or your destination; Wallington Limousine gets you there in style and comfort. We offer a complete selection of luxury sedans, and limousines or 22-30 passenger SUVs. Wallington Limousine brings elegance, style & convenience to any occasion. We pride ourselves on our personal service, reliability and the right of privacy and confidentiality of our clients.

If you're seeking superior customer service, a large selection of clean luxury vehicles, and only the safest, most reliable chauffeurs, all at unsurpassed prices... then look no further than Wallington Limousine! It is our pleasure to serve as your ground transportation provider. Our on-premise reservation and dispatch center is available to our clients around the clock, so that they have peace of mind in knowing that assistance is available to them from wherever they are, at any time they need it.

There are many ways to enjoy life and letís admit it, thereís a status to renting a limousine. Images of stars walking down red carpets or couples stepping off a grand limousine comes to mind whenever we talk about limousine rental. For Wallington locals, there are many ways to enjoy life or celebrate a special occasion like a birthday party, an anniversary or a special gathering by renting a limousine to your favorite location.

The tiny Borough of Wallington is nestled in the southern corner of Bergen County, New Jersey. The Passaic and Saddle Rivers meander along its northwestern boundaries, giving the town the curious shape of a heart. Although only one-square mile, Wallington's size belies its unique and rich, 100-year history. December 31, 1894, officially marks the beginning of Wallington; however, its history prior to that reveals a wealth of information which leads to understanding its present. If we look closely enough. Wallington's past is still very much in its present. Although streets and houses line Shaueehank Hill, the hill remains partly untouched in places like the Nelkin County Park. Indians may not exist, but their arrowheads and some utensils are safely reserved and occasionally displayed.

Paterson Avenue may not have planks or trolleys and may not have wagons transporting fruits and flowers, but it is still a major roadway employed by both businesses and commuters, and people travel into the town to purchase mouth-watering kielbasi and pierogi. The orchards and nurseries may have transferred to other locations, but their memory lives in the names of some of our streets: Iris Lilac, Roehrs, Azalea, Ivy, and more. And although the cows no longer graze the fields here, one can cross our state's borders and find the products of Farmland Dairies, Wallington, N.J. at the supermarket or on restaurant tables. After a century, this tiny, heart-shaped borough still prides itself on its community: Its parks, where people can be seen playing soccer, football, and baseball, flying kites, strolling around the pond, fishing, or having fun with their youngsters in the playground. Its Little League Field, which shouts of children, cheers of fans, and the echoes from the 1968 and 1971 State Championship seasons. Its fine schools and its businesses, both of which are well-know beyond Wallington's borders. And finally, its residents, whose backgrounds blend to form a community that prides itself on both the traditions it has kept and on the progress it has made throughout the past one-hundred years.
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Wallington Limousine- service, class and respect