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You donít know how to impress your guests or parteners? Northvale Limo Company suggests you a limo rental service - the best choice for you to celebrate an event or just to manage a special day. Whatever occasion you are planning to organize, a wedding, prom evening, birthday, airport transfer and many others, Northvale Limo caters it by providing a high quality limousine service. For about 13 years our managers answer your preferences both day and night. So, once you have fixed a date and a number of passengers give us a call to discuss the details. This way, by choosing Northvale Limo, you will get a memorable ride and positive emotions. Your scheduled pick up will be promptly accomplished. Our experience and reliability wonít allow us to disappoint you.
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Anytime when you will feel the need of a relax and comfortable status, think about getting it on the back seat of a luxury limo of our company. All our cars are equipped with last technical features- sound and illumination system, bar, spacious salon - everything for you to forget all your worries and problems outside. You will not even notice when youíll get to your destination. Nowadays life deprives us of such moments, so the fact of their appreciation becomes a necessary thing. Give Northvale Limo a try and we will prove you that the everyday problems can just disappear, at least during the trip. A well instructed about itinerary driver will meet you and will drive you safely, professionally owning the car. This way, you will enjoy the ride without be worried about directions. If you need a limo service only on the area of New Jersey, in Manhattan or even south Florida, be sure that Northvale Limoís drivers know the territories and youíll never know what a problematic situation is.

One more reason for you to choose Northvale Limo would be the constant offers and the competitive prices which can bring you every day a VIP status.

EWR airp.- $59               Note: the price doesnít include the tolls, tip and tax (on  LAG airp.-  $79                                                                                 NJ rides only)                                                                      
JFK airp.-   $ 89
NYC-         $ 79

If you need to organize a corporative party for a bigger number of passengers it will be much better for you to book a SUV such as a Hummer H2 or a Cadillac which can hold up to 30 people. As originally limousines were made on individual drawings, and in our time is difficult to find two identical cars. Now, even a business category service is not complete without a limousine. In addition to the luxurious appearance and comfort, these cars are reliable, durable and safe. Luxury limousines donít resemble one to another, but each of them is thoroughly planned so the passengers can enjoy the trip comfortably.

However, itís not absolutely necessary to celebrate an event for you to feel the shiny of a limousine service. You can easily rent one for an hourly tour of the city. Trust us, Northvale has what to show to its visitors and also knows how to wake up the interest of its residents.

In 1875, a railroad depot marked the town of Northvale as Neuvy, but by 1899, a map existed naming the town as Northvale. In 1916, the town was officially incorporated as the Borough of Northvale.
The proud of the borough is the Northvale Public Library collection of historic materials. There everybody can learn about the population of sculptors and stone-workers living here in the 19th and early 20th centuries. See account ledgers c. 1911 from a small store that existed then on Walnut Street. View postcards of various town scenes from the 1930s, and early photographs of school children and firemen and civic events. There are maps and short histories of Northvale, including one of the town's war casualties and of the parish church.

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