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Nowadays, cars, automotive technology became widely available. For many of today's families travel long distances is no longer a problem, because they have their own car. The time when a car was a luxury has passed, now it simply means a transportation way. Today's transportation market offers new luxury cars and among them the leading place is occupied, no doubt, by the limo.
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The limousine can be considered a unique car with the comfort and the embodiment of wealth- an integral part of Hollywood stars. It was after such comparisons most people don’t even dream about this car, not to mention the exclusive models, such as a retro one or others. But if we take into account the price of a limousine, then all dreams may remain just dreams and nothing more. After all, afford to buy even the most affordable limo, can not everyone.

But fortunately in our time practically everything is available and if it is impossible to buy, you can always rent. Limousines are not an exception. This is the meaning of the Lodi Limousine Company’s existence. Founded more then 15 years ago, our company provides limousine rental services various grades and classes. With our help, you can select limousines for all tastes, regular limousines or SUV limos, exclusive cars, what will meet a variety of purposes. An hourly limo service is relatively inexpensive if you book one for few hours or even for all day, you can always get a good discount and good offers from the managers of Lodi Limousine. Anyway, that joy and happiness, which can be felt in a limo can’t be compared with any money.

EWR airp.- $49               Note: the price doesn’t include the tolls, tip and tax (on  LAG airp.-  $69 NJ rides only)                                                                      
JFK airp.-   $ 79
NYC-         $ 59

Having a perfect location in Lodi, our company’s services are not expanded only on the New Jersey’s area. We also make rides to Manhattan, even south Florida.

Taking into account the availability of these elegant cars, the rental of a limo has become increasingly ordered for a variety of events and celebrations. It can be a wedding, a prom, a birthday, a simply tour of the city or an airport transfer - whatever event you have to celebrate, Lodi Limousine will make sure for you to have a splendid day in a splendid car. Our wide range of limos gives you the possibility to make a reservation for a different number of people - the Lincoln Town Car limos can accommodate up to 10 passengers and the luxury SUVs - up to 30 persons. Whatever car you will choose, we assure you that’s a brand new one with a well maintained exterior and interior as well, well own by an experienced driver.

Every holiday, every event or celebration should be held only in a bright and festive mood, and memories should be only pleasant, beginning from the place where the celebration will take place and finish with the transportation. Often, to organize an event people need advices from professionals, but there are persons who are able to organize themselves a festive celebration. In this case, to book a limo is not just a simple “have to”. It does not matter what event is it for, a limo reserved at Lodi Limousine will brig shy, luxury and be sure that your guests will be satisfied.

Please note that a limousine is an excellent opportunity to travel comfortably, even if there is a long trip to make. To have a ride in a limo will always mean something more superior than conventional cars for long trips. Only a limousine can accommodate a large number of people than regular cars - a great way to travel comfortably and respectably.

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Lodi Limousine – not just a simple “have to”