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Limousine - a totally unique car, which the majority of our residents and not only our country associate it with luxury, a swing, Hollywood stars and wealth. Perhaps, many do not even dare to dream that someday they will know what a VIP limousine is.

What if there is a wedding to celebrate, for example? Both, bride and groom would like to highlight particularly important moment in their lives, to emphasize their importance, feel like a king and queen, sitting in a wedding limousine.
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The prices of a limousine at the root eliminate all these aspirations and leave them solely with the imagination, because to buy a limousine is a too expensive pleasure.
However, to our great joy today, there are an increasing number of limo rental services. Haworth Best Limo Company is willing to realize the dreams of ordinary people and provide them a temporary using of a limousine shine which will be remembered for a long time. Whether is for a wedding, a prom night, birthday, airport transfer or just a night out in the city; whether is for a New Jersey ride or you want to go to Manhattan, our company will provide you the best limo and the best price.

EWR airp.- $59               Note: the price doesn’t include the tolls, tip and tax (on  LAG airp.-  $79                                                                                 NJ rides only)                                                                      
JFK airp.-   $ 89
NYC-         $ 69

So, now we can say with certainty that a limousine service is not just a dream as we thought. Don’t forget that the cost of a limo service doesn’t compare with the joy, pleasant experiences, memories and smiles during celebrating the event you were planning for.

Having a ride on a limo is not only connected with the holidays and family. Often limousines are rented in order to meet at the airport an important business partner. Haworth Best Limos will always be a vivid demonstration of your status and social position, your serious intentions and responsible approach to every case. You can make a reservation at Haworth Best Limo any time and for the time period needed.
To rent a limo is the best choice when the number of your partners is more than 5 for example. Obviously you can not go in one car and will lose precious time at crossings and traffic jams while a limousine will allow you to start immediately negotiations in a comfortable and spacious salon. Surely you may consider now you’ve already achieved half of the success of your negotiations.

Generally, a limo in USA is not a luxury but a need.
Don’t deny yourself and your loved ones in the precious moments of happiness, order a limo transportation service at Haworth Best Limo and give yourself a holiday!

Haworth Best Limo offers you a large fleet for you to choose the most appropriate car beginning with the luxury sedans like Lincoln Town Cars and stretch ones which can hold up to 10 people and finishing with the SUVs (Hammer and Cadillac Escalade) up to 30 passengers.

There is just one step for you to feel yourself more than an important person. Give us a call, book a limo and manage a luxury and comfortable ride on the Haworth’s streets. Haworth has the best of two worlds. It’s a quiet town, full of small-town atmosphere and tree-lined beauty, which belies the fact that it’s close enough to New York City to be a suburb. The town boasts an excellent local school, Haworth Public School, with grades kindergarten through 8th. For high school, students attend the equally top-notch Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest. Haworth’s downtown area is small, but storefronts still offer everything from hardware to haircuts. Haworth has two banks, three houses of worship, and what may be the friendliest post office in Bergen County. 

The townspeople of Haworth have long been dedicated to community service. Numerous volunteers are the town’s lifeblood. Whether it’s the Fire and Ambulance Squads, the Mayor and Council, or other departments, commissions, and committees too numerous to mention, Haworth is rightfully proud of its tradition of volunteerism and community spirit.
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Haworth Best Limo- not a luxury, but a need.