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Renting a limo can be a fun time and you don't have to worry about driving, which can be quite a relief. Instead of worrying about who is driving, you can simply hire a limo at Creskill Limo to do it for you and spend time talking and socializing instead. You can eat and drink on the way and often times watch movies or listen to music. The experience of any trip is completely different in the back of a limo.

Renting a limo at Creskill Limo offers a great way to avoid the hassle of driving while allowing you to enjoy yourselves on the way and on the way back from any event. You can show up in style and impress people or just have a good time knowing that you can party like the good old days. Consider renting a limo for your next special occasion and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
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Creskill Limo - enjoy the trip with your limo gang!
Limousines offer the ultimate in luxury travel. The modern limousine has gone from being a royal vehicle to the most popular rental choice for special occasions of all kinds, from weddings to proms to weekend club-hopping. In this process the limousine has emerged as a cutting edge modern vehicle without losing any of its original glamour and appeal.

There are many great reasons to rent a head-turning limousine for a special occasion anywhere, but Creskill, NJ has its own special flavor and vibe that make limousines such a popular choice of transport. The town got its name from the watercress that grew in its streams, or "kills".  Cresskill was the home of Camp Merritt, the major debarkation point for more than a million American troops being sent abroad to fight in World War I. A large obelisk memorial was dedicated in 1924, set in the middle of the Camp Merritt Memorial Circle at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Knickerbocker Road (CR 505), to commemorate the fact.

Our fleet:

Creskill is famous for its love of cars, and Creskill Limoís limousines combine this love of personal transport with high demand and high income levels to offer the absolute best in exotic and cutting edge features. Creskills like to drive everywhere, and Bergen County residents like to drive everywhere in the best and trendiest. Creskill Limoís limousines are a killer combination of USAís car culture and the famous Creskill affluence. Models like the Hummer H2, the Chrysler 300 or the Cadillac Escalade may not have been designed in Bergen County first, but few other places have embraced their exoticism and luxury the way Creskill has. Limousines show up in an assortment of lengths to meet the expectations of diverse sized parties. If u do not prefer a SUV than we may offer you a strech Lincoln Town Car for 6, 8, 9, 12 passengers or just a luxury Sedan such as a Mercedes or a Lincoln Town Car. No matter what car is more suitable for you, we have it. You will not have to worry about where to park. Also, you can be picked up at your destination whenever you want which is also very convenient

The reputable Creskill Limo service also can help you by organizing a trip based on your needs and budget


EWR airp.- $59               Note: the price doesnít include the tolls, tip and tax (on  LAG airp.-  $79 NJ rides only)                                                                      
JFK airp.-   $ 89
NYC-         $ 69

Since if you came to Creskill that you are unfamiliar with, you will be having difficulty in looking for a cab to ride in to go to the hotel or restaurant you wanted to be. So renting a limousine at Creskill Limo would be a good idea, in going to unfamiliar places. No more hassles in looking for cabs, in looking for directions, in going to the place that you are unfamiliar with, since our limousine driver will just take you to the place that you desire to go. So you can just seat back and relax while seeing and enjoying the trip.

One more reason to rather take a limousine than a cab, since there is The Creskill Limo Service Company who offer you a choice in the type of car you want to be picked up in. So if you wanted a less expensive, a four door sedan may not be as showy as a black limousine, but still attractive for those travelers.

And renting a limousine can make you enjoy the fun of arriving at your destination in a limousine, isnít that fantastic!!!!
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