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Just ten minutes from the George Washington Bridge, with attractive 18th and 19th Century Houses sprinkled around town, Closter NJ is the perfect location for the commuter with a big-city job who's looking for a small-town way of life.

Traveling and getting around in Closter is a unique experience which can present many challenges for the average visitor. Visitors to the Belskie Museum of Art and Science, for example, can view sculptures of the late Abram Belskie, a Scots native who made Closter his home for 57 years. Belskie was not only incredibly talented in the fine arts, he was also an outstanding contributor to the medical field, creating with Dr. Robert Latou Dickinson a revolutionary line of three-dimensional medical models used to teach generations of medical students. Not only have Closter Lions who built the museum reclaimed an important part of the community's history, they have honored an artistic heritage that brought beauty into the world while making it a safer place.

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Closter Best Limo- is always a good idea!
Closter limousines offer services that embody the quintessential Closter values of style, luxury and comfort, and it is no wonder that limousine rental at Closter Best Limo can make your next trip around Closter a memorable, lavish and hassle-free experience.
There are many reasons and occasions to rent a limousine anywhere, but Closter in particular is a great place to use the services of our limo rental company. Limos are great for many things in the Closter area. They can be used for a variety of things like birthday parties, wedding events or any other special occasion. If you arrive into Newark airport- NJ, LAG, JFK- NYC then you may use the Closter Best Limo for an airport transfer. Personal safety is a key consideration for all travelers. Our chauffeured limousine service gives you a friendly face to greet you at your arrival  at the airport, allow you to settle comfortably in the vehicle to arrive at your home or destination. Being relaxed and content is usually at the top of the list for women travelers and quite high for most men.Basically, our limousines have many different uses options.

We know that someone who takes the time to rent a stretched limo is trying to make an event special which means you need to be able to trust the company you hire. We are always more than happy to work extra hours to add that special touch to your event, do you think other companies would do the same? A limousine rental at Closter Best Limo not only saves you from the stress and problems of public transportation but also allows you to sit back and soak in the vibrant culture of the city while being escorted exactly where you want to go, in a timely and efficient manner.

Closter Best Limoís cars and rates:

There are many reasons to rent a Closter Best limousine for the night, whether it's for a big event like a 30th birthday party or just a fun night out with friends. Most people think of weddings, proms, graduations and bachelor or bachelorette parties when they think of a limousine service. Bergen County, NJ or Manhattan area residents don't even need a special occasion such as this to rent a limo, though. With affordable rates and convenient services, a stylish car such as a Lincoln limousine for 6, 8, 9 or 10 passengers can be yours for the night whenever you want or need it.

If you wish too get there in style to a wedding ceremony, school function business event, show, sporting event, or any other extraordinary occasion, think about using a SUV limo for the night such as a Hammer H2 or a Cadillac. The SUV limo provides not only more space with its taller ceiling, but also much more leg space as they are a good deal longer than a regular limousine. To make a lasting impression on your guests, ensure to rent an SUV limousine to make it memorable.
The latest model Sedan, clean and comfortable shows respect for our clients. At the same time it gives careful consideration to not being too ostentatious or extravagant as might be the case if a stretched vehicle is used.

With more limos becoming available every year, the price of limousines become more affordable.

EWR airp.- $59               Note: the price doesnít include the tolls, tip and tax (on  LAG airp.-  $79  NJ rides only)                                                                      
JFK airp.-   $ 89
NYC-         $ 69


A special date night with your mate is a great reason to hire a limousine service. Closter Best Limo company is happy to accommodate you and your special someone as you go from your home to any location you desire, with any stops you need to make along the way. Whether this is a night at the symphony, evenings at an upscale restaurant, or just a late night with champagne and private time to make it magical. Whether itís your anniversary, Valentineís Day or just any night you want to add some romance to the relationship, a limo of Closter Best Limo is the ideal finishing touch.
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