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Founded in 1895, Cliffside Park, New Jersey, has come a long way from a town that consisted of farms and woodlands. Its motto, "Atop the Palisades", is a perfect description of the borough's geography. Conveniently located between the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, Cliffside Park is home to many New York City business people and a very convenient location for a respectful transportation company such as Cliffside Park Limo Service.
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Cliffside Park Limo Service – there where you need
Cliffside Park Limo Service offers limosine rental on the area of all NJ counties and Manhattan. If you live in Cliffside Park or if you’re planning a trip to the area you’ll find plenty of exciting attractions to keep you amused. Let us help you in having a great day. Whether for your wedding, prom, birthday or just a pick up and a drop off, Cliffside Park Limo has the limo which suites all your needs. We have access to a huge range of cars with the majority being made up of new style Lincoln Town Car and the Chrysler 300 (Baby Bentley) which are the industry standard used for Hollywood premieres, diplomats and VIPs the world over. Of course if you require a specific model please contact us, we have access to some of the worlds most exclusive limos including limited editions Hummers which makes a bold statement wherever you go. Whether you need an 8 seater limousine, a large SUV, or a super stretched Hummer H2 limo, we can provide the vehicle that will be ideal for your event.

Why Cliffside Park Limo service:

Having many years of combined experience we know exactly what it takes to organise limo hire for a whole range of events from limo hire for weddings to corporate hospitality events or airport transfers.
Whether you’ve scheduled your next flight for business or for pleasure, one thing’s for sure: You’re going to need a reliable way to get to the airport. For many, airport parking is an expensive and less than safe proposition, making outside transportation services a lot more common these days for airport dropoffs and pickups. Most people in need of airport transportation therefore find themselves having to choose between utilizing a limousine service or simply taking a cab. The following are a few good reasons why Cliffside Park Limo company might be the better option:
Limo services are classier

Drivers who work for our limousine services are a different breed of people than drivers who operate taxicabs. While cab drivers are usually more interested in extra mileage and high passenger turnover, limo drivers are well versed in the importance of exceptional customer services. As such, our limo driver is more likely to treat his customers with respect and drive in a manner that won’t have passengers holding on for dear life.

Limo services are cleaner

Unless you’re flying first class, you’re bound to spend the next several hours crammed into a tiny, uncomfortable seat with germs and bacteria floating around you. The last thing you probably want to experience is a dirty, uncomfortable ride to the airport before you even have to board the plane. While some taxies are cleaner than others, our Cliffside Park Limo company sedans tend to be the far more sanitary option of the two.

A dirty or unpleasant ride to the airport can really set the mood for your upcoming flight. In order to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, consider calling our limousine company the next time you need to get to the airport.
Stretch limousines are great for making a statement and getting people’s attention, so why not make the most of this when you hire a stretched limousine at Cliffside Park Limo.

Since we have the largest assortment of limousines and luxury vehicles, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you have a certain budget to stick to then our dedicated customer service advisers are on hand to give you guidance on the best limos in your price range. With such a massive choice of limos it’s easy to feel overwhelmed but remember we are on hand to assist you in every area of your enquiry and can recommend the best limousines for your occasion. Whether you need a limo for a school prom, or a wedding car or an unusual vehicle for a kid’s party, we can run through all the options with you.
Hiring a limo with us won’t break the bank, but it will make your night! There’s no reason for you to miss out on a pristine vehicle for your big occasion. Call us today for a free quote and be blown away by our discounted prices.
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